Saturday, July 19, 2003

Parent's Movie Night

Family movie night did not happen this week as we had a ward activity to attend to. It was a game night, and Kelly was in charge of the 2 - 7 year-olds. They played with toys and participated in some fun games. The kids absolutely loved playing the limbo.

After getting the kids to bed, we stayed up and watched Tom Cruise and Collin Farrell in Minority Report. I thought it was a very interesting look into the future, and some of the toys (or gadgets) used were ultra cool!

Speaking of Collin Farrell, last week we watched another one of his films that I think deserves mentioning here. The Recruit, with Al Pacino, didn't get great reviews but I thought it was a good watch. Kelly and I both liked it enough to want to watch it again some day.

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