Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Quick Trip to Chicago

This past week our family spent a few days in Chicago, mostly courtesy of my employer while I attended some Adobe Photoshop training. The training was decent, nothing too spectacular, but that was probably about the best part of the trip.

Trip to Chicago

I ended up being sick almost the whole time, the pool was closed until the last day, and the girls didn't feel like listening to anything that we had to say. We managed to quickly walk through a beautifully decorated Crate and Barrel store, spent some time in a large Disney store (not that we didn't just spend a week at the largest Disney store), window shopped at a few other stores and spent some time in the Water Tower Place. We also saw a very cool Lego Santa, sleigh, and reindeer at the The Shops at North Bridge (Can you believe I didn't have my camera with me?).
Another time, another day this would have been a fun little trip.

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