Saturday, May 1, 2004

Fours - Part II

Thursday night we added four new members to our household.  Megan was allowed to pick out something as a reward for getting four shots, and she chose a fish tank.  After setting up the tank for a day, we went out to pick up some fish.  Our plans were to let Megan and Mattey each pick out two fish.  After much indecisiveness, they finally agreed on some fish at Petco.  We brought them home and set the plastic bag in the tank to allow them to get used to the water temperature.

Later that night Mattey came out to the kitchen and Kelly asked her why she was wet.  We almost lost our new members as fast as we got them.  Mattey had opened the bag holding the fish and some how spilled them all over the floor.  Luckily the fish were laying in some small puddles of water.  I scooped them up, some from underneath the bookcase, and placed them into their new home.  After a few nights in the tank, the fish seem to have survived the whole ordeal nicely.

So join me in welcoming Woody, Buzz, Baby Bowser, and Big Bowser to our family!

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