Sunday, May 23, 2004

Happy 3rd Birthday Mattey!

This posting is kind of late, but we've been very busy.  To celebrate Mattey's 3rd birthday we went to Indianapolis and spent a couple of fun filled days there.  We bought a Family Adventure Package, which consists of a hotel room, two adult and two children's tickets to the Indianapolis Zoo and The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.  On Thursday it was a very hot and humid day at the Zoo, but everyone enjoyed the visit.  That night after a visit to Max and Erma's (Mattey told the manager that she went to Applebee's), we all had fun at the hotel's indoor pool (and hot tub).  Then on Friday we had a great time at the Children's Museum, even though there were many bus loads of kids visiting on field trips.

We got Mattey a small Karaoke machine for her birthday and she loves it.  She is quite a performer and we are considering selling tickets for her shows.

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