Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Memorial Day Parade 2004

Yesterday we continued with our Memorial Day tradition of riding in my Grandpa's 1920 Model T truck in the Edwardsburg Memorial Day Parade.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunny morning riding in the back of the truck, waving and throwing candy to the crowds of people gathered to watch the parade.  After the parade we took lunch to my Grandma, who wasn't feeling well enough to attend, and my Aunt, who sat with Grandma to keep her company.

This year may be the last year we attend this parade as my Grandpa has (maybe) promised his truck to a local buyer.  After riding in this truck for 27+ (not sure) years, I wanted to make sure that I at least got a chance to pilot this old vehicle.  I asked my Grandpa if he would show me how to drive it.  I took it "around the block", with my Grandpa as my co-pilot.  That was a fun experience and I'm glad I got the chance.

As my parents and sister were leaving, Amanda (watch out Steve Irwin), found a pretty good sized turtle.  She actually picked it up and brought it back to the house to show the girls.  It was quite a site to see, but nothing like what we ended up seeing.  She must have scared the turtle enough that it couldn't contain itself any longer.  Check out the bigger picture of her holding the turtle to see what I mean.  Just click on any of the smaller pictures below to see the larger picture.

Special thanks to my Grandpa, who served in World War II, and all the other people who have served and are currently serving and protecting our great country.

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