Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Shedd Aquarium

Kelly has really been wanting to go to the Shedd Aquarium lately and Saturday was finally a day that we could go.  Our day started out with us leaving around 10:30am.  We stopped at McDonald's for a few breakfast sandwiches and then jumped on the Toll Road and headed for Chicago.  After a couple of, what seemed like, long construction related delays and one delay caused by an overturned semi trailer, we finally reached our destination.  As we walked from the parking garage to the Shedd, there was a very light drizzle, but nothing that would dampen our spirits too much.  As we approached the Shedd there were a couple of very large lines waiting to go inside.  Luckily since we have purchased a membership, we didn't have to wait through the entire line.  We were able to get in rather quickly.

We looked at some of the fishes from around the world, then went downstairs to feed our starving bodies.  The place was absolutely packed at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Luckily one family was just about done and they, thankfully, gave us their seats.

We walked around and looked at a few of the animals from the Pacific Northwest, then found some seats to sit and watch the dolphin show.  The show was completely packed but instead of starting the show early they made us sit and wait until the exact time it was supposed to start.  The show moved so slow and we eventually got up and left and stopped at the gift shop.  After looking at a few more Pacific Northwest animals we went back upstairs and looked around in the Amazon Rising.

Next we entered the Wild Reef, which in my opinion, has the coolest looking fish.  The only problem and this was a problem in every area, was that there was just too many people there on Saturday.  It was very hard to appreciate all the wonderful fish when you barely had any room to move.  Hopefully we will be able to go again on a day when they are less crowded.

The trip home was much nicer, except for all the rain we had to drive through.

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