Thursday, August 5, 2004

Two New Milestones

Here's a recap of the two milestones, one good and one bad, which I experienced yesterday.

Milestone #1- Passing the one hundred mile mark on my bike odometer
Milestone #2 - Paying $30 for a tank of gas (yikes!)

The gas was purchased at the new Martin's gas station on Ironwood and 23.  That's a sweet setup.  The pumps have a barcode readers that scans your Martin's Advantage Card to give you a discount on your gas.  Currently through Sunday it gets you five cents off per gallon.  And even with that I still paid $30.03.  The pay at the pump is open 24 hours.  I'm sure they will see a lot of my business.  The funniest part was that when I pulled up, some young kid came out and explained to me how the pump works, like I couldn't have figured it out myself.  Come on.

On a side note, I tried to stay up and watch Hildago, but it had been a long day and I wasn't really getting into the movie so I headed off to bed.  How was the show, Sweetheart?


DadS said...

Oh Man ... you mean you didn't record it ? Congrats on the 100 mile ... sorry about the 30 bucks though. I'm finally getting out my recumbent. The Scouts are camping at Potato Crk and we're taking our bikes.

Kelly Standiford said...

I liked the movie. It was a little long but after watching the Lord of the Ring series it wasn't bad. I thought it had a good story with a good ending. The movie was based on the life of Frank Hopkins. I was also pleasently suprised that with the rating of PG-13 there was no bad language or sexual content, there was some as they say adventure violence that happened along the way. Thanks again Sweetie for filling up the van for me.