Friday, December 3, 2004

Injury Update

I had an appointment with the Sport Medicine doctor yesterday and got an update to my ankle injury.  The good news is that I can stop using the crutches and the walking boot, if it doesn't cause me any more pain.  It feels pretty good to have an actual shoe back on, it keeps my piggies warm.

Oh yeah and I guess then there is the bad news to report.  The type of injury that I have, OCD grade 3, is not a very common one.  It's also not one that has a guaranteed medical fix yet.  They are doing much research on this injury right now, but that doesn't really help me.  The doctor said that around here there are not many people who actually do the surgery, so he is going to look around in the next week to find someone (Indianapolis?) who more commonly performs this operation.  The really bad part is that the surgery is not a guaranteed cure.

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