Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Big Event in Megan's Life

I thought the best way to handle this was to let Megan say it in her own words.

Tonight I just lost my loose tooth and I got a picture.  I can't believe I finally lost my old tooth.

Way to go Meg!

Friday, January 28, 2005

New Color Option

At the request of my wonderful wife, I have added a purple color scheme option that users may choose from.  Remember you must be logged in to utilize this feature.

Let's Just Call This My Geek Post

There are just a few things of "Geek" type interest that I would like to post, so excuse me while we slip over to Geekville for a few moments.

  1. The official Star Wars website has posted the text to the famous opening screen scroll that all Start Wars movies have.  It also includes the opening text for Episode III, due out on May 19th, 2005.
  2. I recently installed PHP 5 and MySQL 4 on my Power Mac G5.  These are some of the tools that I use to produce this website, except I have never worked with version 5 of PHP yet.  This is the version I learned about while on my infamous "training" on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.
  3. Recently I purchased some printable DVDs from Sam's Club.  The label on the package says specifically for inkjet printers.  I thought to myself, how do you print on these.  Today I found out.  Epson has a line of printers that actually has a CD tray which you can put discs into and it will print on them.  How cool is that?

Now back to your regularly scheduled news items.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Small Trip to Chicago

Since Megan didn't have school on Friday we decided to take a trip to Chicago. We booked a hotel room at our favorite place to stay, lined up a place for Cooper to go (Thanks Mom and Dad), and headed for the Windy City.

The drive to Chicago was great! How many times can you say that? It was sunny, the roads were clear, and really there wasn't that much traffic. We arrived very quickly to the big city and parked our van (one of the more expensive things). After checking into our hotel and dropping off our bags, we walked over to Michigan Avenue to wait for a bus. It was pretty chilly waiting for the bus, and the girls were disappointed every time a bus came that wasn't ours.

We rode the bus, which the girls loved, to the John G. Shedd Aquarium. We enjoyed our visit to the aquarium much more this time because it was much less crowded. Megan was in documentary mode the whole day. She kept asking me to make a video of her and she would walk up to an exhibit, point to it and say something like "and here we have, what Mom". It was hilarious.

After another bus ride, we dropped some stuff off at the hotel and walked to the Rainforest Café where we had dinner. We've decided that although the experience is kind of neat, the food isn't really that great and it's kind of pricey.

As we were leaving the restaurant it finally started snowing. We woke up the next morning to six inches of snow and bitter temperatures. We had wanted to go to a couple of stores on the Magnificent Mile but after checking out the outside elements we decided to head for home before it got any worse. The drive home was slower, but the lack of traffic made it not too bad to endure.

Check out the photo album for our Chicago trip.

Monday, January 24, 2005

A Big Change

Today marks the end (although I see it as a new beginning)
of a bunch of changes for this website. I'll
try to outline some of those changes for you.

The first change is that the website is now being hosted by instead of that other hosting company that gave me nothing but fits.  This company is run by a co-worker of mine
and has allowed me to have more control over my web environment, which is a
good thing.  The only drawback to
changing hosts is that, due to the nature of the internet, I'm not sure when
everyone will see this news posting.  Usually
hosting changes are seen within 48 hours.

The next change is the more obvious one.  I finally have a new design.  I've worked many hours setting up this design and
tweaking it to be exactly what I wanted.  

One of the coolest new features is located on the home page.  The photo that you are seeing on the left is
a random photo from the Photo Gallery
Click CTRL and R and you will see a different picture.  You can click on the picture to see the
larger version or you can click on the photo album name, listed below the
picture, to go to the album itself.

Another pretty nifty feature is only available to those who
are logged in.  You now have the ability to
choose your favorite color scheme for the site. 

This feature, if you are logged in, is available right underneath the
random photo.  You can currently choose
from one of four available colors, but I will take requests for other color
schemes.  Once you have chosen a color
scheme, it will stay that way until you logout or until you choose a different

Also visible on the home page is a small calendar.  The white highlighted days are days in which
there was news posted.

Like I said I'm not sure when everyone will see this, so if you
wouldn't mind posting a small comment when you see this news item, I would
greatly appreciate it.

I had a lot of fun redoing this site.  Hopefully you all will enjoy it.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Crazy Web Hosting Company

I have no idea what is going on with the current company that I use to host this site, but their days are numbered anyway so I have given up caring about what their problem is.  Yesterday the database that I use to drive this site was down most of the morning and then when it was actually available they messed something up.

If you happen to view this page and it tells you that there are one hundred and seventy some new news items and all the news and comments are marked as new, just hit the refresh button on your browser.  This will correct the little glitch that my wonderful hosting company introduced yesterday.

I am trying to find time to work on my new site and design and once this is completed I will be moving to a new hosting company.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Off to a Bad Start

Here I said I would strive to do better in 2005 and it's been ten days since I last posted a message.  We've been busy remodeling our bathroom, which after all the trim gets painted (who knows when that might be) I will try to remember to post some pictures.  It looks great!  Kelly has the eye for design and as long as she can find the things she is envisioning, her plans always turn out looking great.  The bathroom remodel is no exception.  Sorry to leave you hanging, but for me to describe it wouldn't do it justice.

Saturday, January 1, 2005

First News in 2005

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  Let's hope 2005 is a prosperous year for everyone.  It should be an interesting one in our household.

I'll also use this time to apologize for the lack of Christmas content.  This has been a very busy week.  I will strive to do better in 2005.