Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Big Event in Megan's Life

I thought the best way to handle this was to let Megan say it in her own words.

Tonight I just lost my loose tooth and I got a picture.  I can't believe I finally lost my old tooth.

Way to go Meg!


Kelly Standiford said...

In person I got a thank you for "yanking" out her tooth. She had turned it enough that it was just hanging on by a thread. She wanted me to pull it because she couldn't. Good job Meg! Now keep working on the other loose one.

DadS said...

Good job Megan ! WooooooHooooo ! One down ... a few more to go. :0)

Mickey Standiford said...

From Megan: The Tooth Fairy came last night and she left me a one dollar.

DadS said...

A dollar ... I used to get a Quarter ! Hey ... I thought you were giving ME that tooth ????