Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Small Trip to Chicago

Since Megan didn't have school on Friday we decided to take a trip to Chicago. We booked a hotel room at our favorite place to stay, lined up a place for Cooper to go (Thanks Mom and Dad), and headed for the Windy City.

The drive to Chicago was great! How many times can you say that? It was sunny, the roads were clear, and really there wasn't that much traffic. We arrived very quickly to the big city and parked our van (one of the more expensive things). After checking into our hotel and dropping off our bags, we walked over to Michigan Avenue to wait for a bus. It was pretty chilly waiting for the bus, and the girls were disappointed every time a bus came that wasn't ours.

We rode the bus, which the girls loved, to the John G. Shedd Aquarium. We enjoyed our visit to the aquarium much more this time because it was much less crowded. Megan was in documentary mode the whole day. She kept asking me to make a video of her and she would walk up to an exhibit, point to it and say something like "and here we have, what Mom". It was hilarious.

After another bus ride, we dropped some stuff off at the hotel and walked to the Rainforest Café where we had dinner. We've decided that although the experience is kind of neat, the food isn't really that great and it's kind of pricey.

As we were leaving the restaurant it finally started snowing. We woke up the next morning to six inches of snow and bitter temperatures. We had wanted to go to a couple of stores on the Magnificent Mile but after checking out the outside elements we decided to head for home before it got any worse. The drive home was slower, but the lack of traffic made it not too bad to endure.

Check out the photo album for our Chicago trip.

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Kelly Standiford said...

It was a nice little trip. Too bad the pool and the weather were so cold. The girls did amazingly well. They didn't get grouchy until Saturday. I'm glad we went. Sweetie, I'm sorry you didn't get to go to the Apple Store. Look at it this way, you weren't tempted to buy anything you don't need.