Thursday, February 3, 2005

Euchre Champions

My work held a special Euchre tournament this week to
celebrate our company's success. A co-worker and I decided to enter the
tournament at the last minute.  There were thirty teams entered into the
tournament.  The team name we decided on
was Standing Kowz, which was a combination of our last names.  We played well together all week.  Today we
won our Semi-Final game 10 - 2 to move into the championship game, which was
also held today.

The championship game was best two out of three games.  We lost the first game 10 - 9, which put us in the hole.  The second game was another
close one.  With our backs to the wall most of the game, we came back and won the second game.  The third game we finally hit our groove and
won 10 - 5 to capture the euchre championship.  It was a lot of fun.

Another co-worker sent me this great picture.  It's the perfect logo for our winning team.

1 comment:

DadS said...

Hey Mickey ... great job ! Any chance of putting together a game or 2 at home ?

I'm ready to play !