Friday, February 11, 2005

Porting Experience

Last week I got a new cell phone from Amazon.  As of November 24, 2003 wireless customer have had the opportunity to keep their existing numbers even when changing wireless providers.  This process is called porting.

Well this past week I experienced a porting nightmare.  I started the process by calling my new wireless provider on Saturday.  They verified all my information, about my then current provider and said the porting process would happen the next day because I made the request late on Saturday night.  No problem.  They said I would receive a text message telling me when the porting was completed.

Sunday came and went and no text message, so Monday I started the phone war.  I called my new provider, who said there was a problem with my old provider, then I called the old provider and they said there was a problem with the new provider.  You know the finger pointing routine of it's not our fault it must be their fault.  Anyway I thought I left it in the capable hands of a customer service representative on Monday night after being on hold for forty minutes.

Along came Tuesday and still no text message.  After four more calls back and forth between providers I finally reached my breaking point.  I had to raise my voice a little bit and then magically I was transferred to a representative who was ready to help me in any way possible to solve the problem.

This was the person I needed to speak with from the get go.  Peter was the man!  He started by including me in the conference calls with the service providers, then when it was apparent that they still weren't getting any where he offered to continue the leg work and call me back in an hour.  Thank you for not making me wait on hold like the other representative did the night before.  He ended up calling me back a couple times.  Finally someone who is willing to work for the customer.  He even got me a $20 credit on my account for all the headaches I went through.

I'm happy to report that we finally had porting goodness the next morning around 5:00am.  I now have a new cell phone with the same old number, just the way it's supposed to work.


DadS said...

Aaaaahhhh Yes ! The wonders of new technology ... still run by good old humans.

Glad you finally got the right person to help!

Mickey Standiford said...

Isn't that the truth!