Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Way a 6 Year Old's Mind Works

So I guess my nesting instinct has kind of kicked in.  This morning I told Megan that I was going to clean her room and take out a lot of stuff, like her desk, because it's always a mess.  So next thing I know she comes out of her room saying that she just cleaned her desk.  I went to look and yes her desk was much cleaner but where did the stuff go?

I had a good laugh.  She had put it on her bed and Mattey's. 

So after a few hours and a trash bag full of junk later this is how her room looks. 

I hope that it can stay some what clean for a while, but I'm not too hopeful.  I told her that I did the hard part and now she can keep it up because there are no more toys in her room or paper products to make the mess.


Mickey Standiford said...

I'm also happy to report that the clean room made it through one night. As of bedtime last night, the room was still spotless.

Mickey Standiford said...

Where did she learn her cleaning, or lack there of, habits from? Her Aunt maybe? :-) Nice work Sweetheart! The room looks so much better.