Wednesday, March 9, 2005

First Kid to Leave the Nest

On February 26th (yes I know it's taken me a long time to post this) our first child (sort of) left the nest. After much talk we decided it would be best if Cooper found a new home. He was very energetic, maybe a little too much, and could cause quite a bit of stress with his barking. Also with the new baby coming it seemed like we weren't going to have enough hands or nerves left to be able to keep him.

Cooper was adopted by a very nice family who lives in Atlanta. This family had tragically lost their dog, who was an older sibling of Coopers, about three weeks before getting Cooper. The Dad and the ten year old son drove to our house to pick him up. When they arrived and Cooper first met them, the boy's face just lit up. He was best friends with their dog, and I'm sure he will be with Cooper. We talked for a while and then it was time for them to hit the road. We were really nervous about how Megan would handle this. She, with her spiritual reassurance that Cooper was going to be ok, was a champ. She handled it better than anyone else in the family did. We all said our goodbyes and they headed for the warmer climate of Atlanta.

Life has been good since Cooper left. There have only been a few "I miss him" phrases muttered and it is much quieter when we leave the house or when people come over. Megan was having a bad night last night and she added to it by saying that she comes home and is all alone without Cooper. We decided it was time to drop an email to the new family to see how he was doing. I received this response this morning.

"He seems to have adapted well, but I am sure he misses the girls. He and the boy have become big buddies, and he whines whenever the boy leaves the house (which he probably did for you as well). You guys did a nice job training him, and we are really glad to have him as a part of our family. Please tell Megan that he misses her, too, and that she can visit anytime. Tell her also that he barks at the cats, Sarge and Pepper, and they don't like him much yet. He chases them around the house. Fortunately this has not happened in the middle of the night, yet."

It sounds like Cooper is doing well and although I'll miss seeing him playing with the girls, I definitely won't miss any of his noises. I've posted a photo gallery of some of the pictures we have of Cooper.

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Kelly Standiford said...

It is much more quiet without Coop being here, although the girls can make up for that, but there are times that I miss him. Whenever I hear the garage door open I still expect him to start barking and going crazy. I'm glad that we found, with the help of the breeder, a nice family for him to live with. Neil looks like the type of boy who just needs to have a dog running beside him. I'm glad that Cooper seems to be adapting to his new home. I would like to see him chase the cats around the house. I think we all would get a laugh out of that, especially Meg.