Thursday, April 28, 2005

Business Opportunity

So I did some real Googling this morning on this "business" opportunity that was pitched to me on Tuesday night. I found out that this is a web enabled version of Amway, which from what I understand was the biggest selling scam from years back and still going. The idea is that this company will help you setup your own internet store by providing you with a cookie cutter website (if I'm going to have an online store then I will decide what it looks like) that sells their overpriced products. Mostly health and beauty products, but you can also click on links that take you to Office Max and many other "real" stores where you and of course the scam company get a tiny cut of the sale price. Visitors have to pay and sign up to even look at this online store. Who in their right mind should have to pay to go shopping? Okay, I guess we do at Sam’s but that’s different.  Isn't it?

Anyway luckily I only wasted a few hours of my time meeting with a representative and researching the opportunity on the internet.  From what I've read you could waste a lot more than that if you sign up.

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