Friday, April 8, 2005

See Spot, See Spot Multiply

On Sunday, or Monday I noticed one little spot under Mattey's nose.  I didn't think much of it, until I noticed a few more spots in her hair on Tuesday night.  By Wednesday morning, there was no doubt as to what we were dealing with.  It was a full fledge Chicken Spot outbreak.  Poor thing!  We have no idea when or where she contracted the Pox, but she has been having a rough time with them.  Her and I have had horrible nights of little sleep on Wednesday and Thursday.   Thursday I looked up some home remedies and found an oatmeal based solution for her to bathe in.  That seems to help stop the itching for a little while.  Thank goodness she finally let us put some Calamine lotion on her last night.  The first night we tried to put that on her she totally freaked out.  Hopefully the lotion will help dry them out and we will all get a better night sleep tonight.

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