Wednesday, May 4, 2005

It's Only a Virus

It all started last Thursday when Megan got sent home by the school nurse because she had a slight fever and lacey (as she described it) skin.  She told us that Megan might have fifth's disease and she would need a doctor's note to come back to school.  Well her guess on the disease was way off and the doctor told us it was just a virus.  Megan came home from the doctor's appointment and went straight to her room and fell asleep, so we all know she was definitely sick.

She stayed home from school on Friday and started developing a cough to go along with the fever she had.  By Saturday she was running a fever of about 103, coughing, sneezing, and complaining about different body parts hurting.  Sunday night she woke up around 1:00am with a bloody nose, which was a first for her.  She handled it quite well.  This was the first of four nose bleeds throughout the day.  We think this was because she was slightly dehydrated and the Sudafed we had given her caused her to dry out too much.

Tuesday we took her back to the doctor, just because her symptoms were getting worse and not any better.  The doctor just reaffirmed it was a virus and that we were trying the same treatment that he would recommend.  So last night Megan wanted to lie down around 5:30pm.  She didn't really fully wake up until 8:30 this morning.  She and I were up quite a bit, with another bloody nose, but she always went right back to sleep.

This has been one evil virus.  Hopefully she will be able to kick this thing soon.  It has been really hard on the whole family.

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