Saturday, May 7, 2005

The Little One

Megan played her very first softball game this morning.  Her team is called Lilly's Sweet Peas.  They were totally blown out by a much better hitting team.  Actually the game didn't even go the entire six innings because the other team was ahead by ten runs.  Megan played center field for the whole game.  She had one defensive play and had two at bats.  Her first at bat ended with a strike out, but her next at bat she made contact and was thrown out at first base.  I think she actually would have been safe if she would have ran straight to first base, but since she ran out into the field after the ball she got thrown out.  She seemed to enjoy herself and was a bit of a crowd favorite.  They nicknamed her "The Little One", since she is the smallest of all the girls on her team.  That's what happens when you are a six year-old playing with girls up to age twelve.

There was another first that happened at Megan's game.  I was the home plate umpire for the game.  It wasn't that bad of a job and I suspect it won't be the last time I do it this season.

Check out the pictures.

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DadS said...

Another Standiford takes up the bat ! Go Megan ! Love you - Grandpa