Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Tooth Fairy Comes Early

Mattey had a dentist appointment yesterday to have her last bad tooth fixed.  It looked badly decayed and sometimes she would say that it hurt while brushing.  Getting her to the dentist was no easy task but with a lot of talking and, of course, the promise of a reward, she was finally ready to let the dentist fix it.

When we first got there, she was very talkative with the dentist.  She started getting a little apprehensive when the chair began to move and lay her back.  Then the dentist put on the mask, which supplies the laughing gas to try and calm her.  This was one thing she had really hoped to avoid, but it did calm her down.  After closer examination, the dentist said that the tooth was broken and that he wouldn't be able to save it.  I stood there, leaning over and holding her hands while the dentist pulled out her tooth.  This was not a pleasant sight but luckily for her the dentist had her good and numb so she didn't feel much.  After it was all finished the dentist had her bite on some gauze to help with the pain.  This has become her comfort.  She still is walking around with a piece of gauze half sticking out of her mouth, obviously not the same piece.

After coming home to get some sympathy from Mom, we went to Toys R Us to pick out a reward.  She picked out a couple of new sets of Magnetix.  She picked out some purple ones and ones that light up.

The broken pieces of tooth were left under her pillow and the Tooth Fairy must have felt sorry for her, because she left her two dollars.  At least now she won't be bothered by that tooth anymore.  Mom and Dad were quite proud of how well she handled this event.

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Kelly Standiford said...

Poor Mattey! I finally talked her into eating yesterday, she kept saying she wasn't hungry but I knew she was because she didn't eat much after the trama. Once she realized that she could eat without hurting than she didn't stop. She is still on "soft" foods today. She says that her mouth hurts a tiny bit. This morning when I dropped her off at school she was telling all the teachers that she had a tooth pulled out and the tooth fairy came to take it. I'm glad she feels well enough to tell about the event. She has done so well. She must take after her mom when it comes to dealing with pain. :-)