Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Please Don't Ever Make Me Go Back

Last night while attending a family gathering at my Aunt and Uncle's house, I experienced the frustration that is known as dial-up internet access.  It was not so long ago that this was the only option for connecting to the internet and for some this continues, unfortunately, to be the only way to gain access to the Information Highway.  I tried, unsuccessfully, for quite some time to gain access to a page that required a Macromedia plug-in.

My Aunt's computer is currently connecting to the internet via Wal-mart's dial-up access. Maybe it was just a bad night, but this thing kicked me off of the network at least five different times while I was trying to load the plug-in.  Finally I gave up that part of my quest and proceeded to get her signed up for SBC's DSL special that they are currently running.  Thankfully for her their neighborhood is capable of receiving this service.  Hopefully within the next week or so she will be up and running on a REAL connection.


BettyS said...

Thanks for helping them, Mickey. I sure wish it would come to my area. I'm still one of those left in the "outer realm of the Information Highway". Love you!!! Mom

Mickey Standiford said...

Someday they will get their act together and you'll be able to jump into the fast lane.