Saturday, August 20, 2005

Successful Operation

Thursday night my Dad and I drove down to Indianapolis.  We checked into our hotel room at the Wyndham Hotel and then headed over to Keystone Crossing for a late night snack.  We got a table at the Cheesecake Factory, where we first ordered an appetizer to split.  The Sliders, small hamburgers, were quite tasty and then we moved on to dessert.  Dad had the Chocolate Mousse cake and I had the Fresh Strawberry Shortcake.  Both were extremely good and hard to stop eating although we were both quite full.

Yesterday I successfully underwent arthroscopic surgery on my ankle.  Minus the two plus hours I had to wait for the actual surgery to begin, the whole operation went off completely without a hitch and with some of the nicest people participating.  I would give the entire staff at Methodist Sports Medical Center a 5 for their friendliness.  I felt like I was in really good hands.

Now I begin the recovery phase.  Hopefully the night's sleep will get better because last night was not very good.  I am on a strict elevation schedule for four days where my foot is supposed to only be down for ten minutes at a time.  I'm also on a slew of drugs for the next week and a half.  My favorite is the Cryo-Cuff, a soft cast like boot that you fill with ice-cold water.  It wraps around the ankle and provides much relief.

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