Friday, September 16, 2005

Meg is 7!

Megan had a good birthday yesterday.  When she woke up she found greetings on the bathroom mirror.  She got to take cookies to share with her class.  Then Mickey surprised her at school with a rose that he delivered.  Mat and I decorated the living room and surprised her when she got home.  We went to Build-A-Bear for her party.  Meg knew what bear she was going to get, the velvet one.  Mat knew what one she was getting too, the purple one.  Everyone picked out what they were going to make and then got in line to stuff them.  They all wished on a heart and put it in Meg's bear since it was her special day.  Then they fluffed and brushed their animals before dressing them.  Then everyone headed to the computers to print out a birth certificate.  After everyone vowed to take care of their new friend we went to Picture People and had a photo taken of all the kids with their friends.  We then had cupcakes and punch in the food court before heading home.  Meg did stop by the store on the way out and bought Lucky a pair of PJ's.  Check out the pictures in the gallery.

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