Friday, December 2, 2005

Another ER Visit

Two visits to the ER in two weeks it too much for anyone, let alone a four year-old. Last night Mattey and I made our second late night visit to the ER. She had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic she had been taking for the past nine days.

Yesterday around noon she broke out in hives and itched like crazy. Kelly gave her some Benadryl and since Megan was already going to the doctor’s office (she has strep), Mattey just tagged along to see what the doctor had to say. He said to stop the antibiotic and give her Benadryl. We coated her in Calamine lotion last night, and kept up with the Benadryl but a little after nine we started to notice her hand swelling up. Then her foot swelled up. We really started getting concerned when her lower lip started swelling. A call to a medically qualified family member resulted in giving her an extra dose of Benadryl. After waiting about and hour and half and not seeing any improvement, and actually seeing her get a little worse as her upper lip then swelled up we decided it was time to take her in.

This trip to the ER was much better than our first. While walking in to the front desk I noticed that there was nobody in the waiting room and I thought that was a good sign. They triaged her and sent her directly back to a room. Yes! No waiting. Mattey put on a cute little hospital gown and of course wanted the remote to turn on the TV. After a little wait the doctor came in and checked her out. The good news was there was no swelling in her airways which was the thing we were most concerned about. They gave her some steroids and something for the itching and sent us packing.

Mattey has been such a little trooper during these visits. Never once has she cried and she has always been willing to do whatever the doctors and nurses have asked her.

Get better Baby!

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