Friday, December 16, 2005

Anyone Got a Spare Washer?

We have had the worst luck with our washer lately.  The saga started about two weeks ago when it decided it wasn't going to spin anymore.  Figuring I could be a handyman and figure this thing out, I attempted to diagnose the problem.  After I finally figured out how to get the front cover off so I could inspect the belt, I determined that it definitely was still intact and that was the extent of my handy skills when it comes to washers.  So I called in the experts.  I called a few places locally before finally making a service appointment online at

Service man #1 showed up last Thursday ready to solve our problem.  It took him less than 5 minutes to uncover the problem.

Somehow this metal piece that connects the inner basket to the piece that connects to the motor was completely eaten away. Service man #1 said he had no idea how this would happen and of course he didn't have this part, he would have to order it. He set us up with an appointment for the following Thursday, the 15th. The part would be shipped to our house.

Thursday came, and service man #2 called but we didn't have the part yet so he said he would call back on Monday. I pleaded with him and he said he could check with us on Friday and see if we had received the part. About an hour later the Fedex truck pulled up with our much-needed part.

Then we finally get to today and the service appointment that is going to get us back in the laundry business. After about 5 minutes of being here service man #2 says, "I can't fix it." Excuse me? There was a bolt that he could not get off; so more parts would be needed to solve this problem. You're kidding me right? He says the parts might get here next Thursday but if they don't it will have to be the next week because they are off on Friday. This is getting crazier by the minute. While he was out in his van ordering the extra parts he has an epiphony. He comes back in the house with a plan to get the bolt off. His plan works and it looks like the washer is going to be in for a long night of cleaning. He takes the washer all apart, puts on the new piece and takes it for a test run. Everything is great. He packs up, overcharges us for labor, and heads out the door.

End of story you say? Nah, not yet. Kelly starts a load of laundry and after some time she says, "I don't remember the pump (we're on a well) running so much." I'm afraid to come and look, but just as I expected there was water all over the basement. Whatever tells the washer to stop filling the basket with water never said STOP. The water was just pouring out of the washer. Unbelievable!

Back to the phone to try and get someone out here to fix the new problem that service man #2 introduced. Not satisfied with the first response which is someone can be out there next Tuesday; I get transferred over to management to open a case. After much waiting I finally talk with someone who can get another service person out on Monday. Better than Tuesday, I guess.

Hopefully this will eventually have a good ending. Thanks a lot to Linda for allowing us to bring over load after load of laundry to her house. You learn how much you really rely on something when you have to do without it.

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