Monday, December 12, 2005

The ER, Again!?

Mattey had another visit to the ER Saturday night/Sunday morning.  This is her third time in four weeks.  This time she was admitted to the hospital for tests.  Ever since she had her high fever over four weeks ago she has been having aches in her wrist and leg, which come and go.  It would hit out of the blue but only last for about 12-18 hours.  This time the pain was really bad.  Mickey took her in and x-rays, blood, and urine were taken.   The x-rays were fine.  Her urine tests were fine.  The blood tests that have come back were fine.  When our doctor came for a visit the pain had subsided some and Mattey could straighten out her leg, but when the nurse asked her to do it about 30 minutes later she couldn't.  Later in the evening she was walking and then running on her sore leg, the pain was obviously gone.  She and Mickey spent the night in the hospital waiting for labs to come back.  Our doctor released her this morning since she was no longer in pain and they can't do anything until the labs come back.  She came home early this afternoon.  We are still waiting to see what's really wrong with her.  It is possibly a virus or bacteria that has gotten into her joints.  What a miserable thing to happen to our little girl.  She is such a fighter though.  And she got a huge unicorn and horse out of these experiences.  Mickey also had an episode in the ER.  Thank goodness his parents happened to go with them.  Thanks to them for taking care of the sickos when I couldn't be there.  Mattey and Mickey have decided that they don't want to go back to the hospital for a long time.  I hope it works out that way.  We'll keep you posted as to what the doctor finds out and what he will do about it.


Kelly Standiford said...

I forgot to add that Mattey was concerned about Mickey and always made sure that he was okay. She even offered him her bed for the night. What a sweet girl we have.

Mickey Standiford said...

Yeah she was quite the trooper and her concern for me was very touching. What a Sweetheart!

Kelly Standiford said...

Mattey's lab results are in, I had to call for them. It appears that she just has had a virus for these last 5 weeks. She never had strep, which means that she had to suffer needlessly with the hives and welts from the antibiotic. We see the doctor on Tuesday which is good because I have a few questions for him. That's all we know so far. Thanks for keeping Mattey in your thoughts and prayers.