Thursday, January 26, 2006

It Won't Be Long Now

Last night I was helping Kaden with learning how to walk.  He just had that look to me like he was ready to go.  Before the night was through he was taking 4 to 5 steps at a time and looking like he knew what he was doing, most of the time.  I don't know if we are ready for him to be running around after his Sisters, but it doesn't look like we will have to wait long to find out.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why Geeks Make the Best Dads

As soon as I saw this headline I knew it had to be posted on this site.  Number 1,2, 7, and 8 are so true in our family.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Smoked Out

This is exciting news to me.  How many times have you gone to a restaurant, requested a non-smoking area only to be seated a few feet away from the smoking area?  Or just been in a non-smoking area and still had that awful smell creep into your nose while you are trying to enjoy a meal?  Hopefully this will bring this to an end.  Now if they can just ban these people from smoking right outside the door that I have to come in and out of.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gloomy Winter Day

As I walked through the rain to my first class this morning I realized how odd our weather has been this winter.  I caught a glimpse of the 7-day temperature outlook and the predictions were all above normal.  We seem to have been spared a lot of the precipitation of the cold type.  We have had rain but really not a lot of snow.  I get the feeling that we may be in for a bad February and March.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spring 2006 Semester at IUSB

This semester I am again attempting to juggle two classes while trying to maintain some sanity.  The two classes I am taking this semester are Introduction to Statistical Theory in Economics and Business and Computer Art and Design I.  I was a little concerned yesterday when the professor in my economics course said that this class requires 6-9 hours a week of outside class work.  Yikes!  Hopefully that won't be the case.

Monday, January 9, 2006

New Pictures and Glasses?

There are new pictures in the gallery, the rest of Christmas and of Megan getting glasses.  She went to the doctor last month and was told that she needed to see an eye doctor.  She had an exam last week and then picked out the frames she wanted.  She was upset that she couldn't take them home that day.  The office said it would take 2 weeks.  That's a lot of waiting for a 7 year old.  We got a call 4 days later saying the glasses were in.  Meg was thrilled.  She was happy that she could have them for her first day back to school.  Megan looks really cute in her glasses.  She likes to wear them now but I'm sure the novelty will wear off and then she'll be like the rest of us and wish she didn't have to wear them.

Are you a Lurker?

I so am!  I was out lurking this morning when I came across this post.  It made me think how much I enjoy reading the comments that are posted on this site.  It also brought to my attention that I should be more willing to share my comments with others.

So take the advice of another site and "Don't be a stranger" or "Would it kill ya to comment?"

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Kade is 9 Months!

The time sure has gone fast.  Kade turned 9 months on December 29th.  I know I'm a little late in posting this.  He went to the doctor on the 28th.  He was 21.5 pounds and 30 inches tall.  I was surprised to see that he didn't even put on a whole pound in three months.  He did stretch out 1 3/4 inches.  I'm glad he is slowing down a little, he's so heavy.  Kade is really fun, although his red hair is coming through.  He is starting to throw fits about not getting his way.  They end quickly, thank goodness.  Kaden is walking around the house, I mean the perimeter of rooms.  He is on the verge of walking any day now.  He took two steps yesterday but I'm sure he didn't realize it.  Today he was playing peek-a-boo all by himself.  He is sleeping better at night, waking up twice but going back to sleep without having any milk.  Kade likes playing with the cars and trucks that he got for Christmas.  He's always finding something to sample from the floor but doesn't have much interest in real food.  I've posted a few pictures of him.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Some Christmas Pictures

I have just posted two albums in the gallery from Christmas Eve.  It's been hard getting this stuff done with everyone being sick lately.  I will continue to work on the other Christmas pictures since we have about 300 of them.  I won't show all of them.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

A Visit With Santa's Helper

On Friday the 23rd we picked Megan up from school and went over to the mall to take the kids to see Santa's helper.  Even though it was the day before Christmas Eve we thought we would beat the rush by going straight from school.  Well we must not have been as quick or as smart as we thought because we had to wait in line for about 45 minutes for our turn to see Santa.  It seemed like it was going to be a successful trip as Kaden and Mattey sat on his lap and Megan knelt in front for what looked like a pretty good picture.  We waited for them to print our picture and then the visit took a trip for the worse.  Megan was quite blurry in the picture so they said we would have to retake it.  We had to wait while other people were having their turn and then when it was our turn Kaden started screaming the minute we tried to sit him on Santa's lap.  Needless to say we ended up not buying any of their pictures, but we lucked out because I was able to capture a good shot.  I also got one with Kaden not so happy.