Monday, February 20, 2006

The Weekend Update

Friday night we attended an "It's Great to be Eight" party for Megan. This party is for kids who will be turning eight in the current year and gives the kids an opportunity to hear from a few people at our church about their upcoming baptism. It was a pot luck dinner and then three very short talks. Megan was a little too antsy and loud for my liking during the talks but I guess she is only seven and sometimes I expect a little too much from her. Kaden and Mattey stayed with Nana and Papa while we were away. It seemed strange while we were driving in the car to realize that it had been almost 5 years since Kelly and I went somewhere alone with Megan. How time flies!

Saturday morning we attended a theatrical production (and I use that term loosely) of the Ugly Duckling at IUSB. I had seen the advertisement for it while I was in class and thought it would something different that we could do as a family. It was enjoyable and best of all short (only lasting about 45 minutes). Megan said she liked it but she got quite restless after about 15 minutes so I know it wasn't that gripping. Mattey seemed to like it and Kade, well he and Kelly spent a lot of time NOT in their seats. Not really surprising. Saturday night ended in a foul way. Megan mentioned that her stomach hurt and the next thing you know she lost a large portion of what was in her, all over the floor. Poor thing! She quickly fell asleep after that while I was left to a night of carpet scrubbing. Not exactly what I had planned but just one of those wonderful blessings of being a parent.

Sunday Megan, Kaden and I stayed home while Kelly and Mattey went to church. Megan was scheduled to give a talk in Primary so Mattey pinch hit for her. Way to go Mattey! By the end of the day Megan seemed to be fine. She had a hot dog (not my first choice but she kept it down) and then a PB&J later before bed.

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