Monday, February 27, 2006

The Weekend Update

Friday night we (well most of us – I caught a little cat nap) watched Kermit’s Swamp Years for family movie night.

Saturday Kelly spent a good portion of the morning pulling chicken breasts apart so she could make her famous chicken rice burritos. We spent the evening at Kelly’s parents house, celebrating their anniversary with a Mexican themed family dinner. One of the highlights of the night had to be Kaden screaming at Uncle B when he got too close to him. It was quite funny to us but probably scary to Kaden. We got Kaden a new antibiotic to help with his ear infection because he refused to take the other one. Seems funny to say that an infant can refuse anything, but if he didn’t spit it out while we were giving it to him he threw it up right after pretending to take it.

We all attended church although Kade and I didn’t do much but wander the halls during the 2nd and 3rd hour. He just wanted to be held or play in the water at the drinking fountain. My parents came over in the afternoon and we spent some time visiting with them, well the girls spent a lot of time climbing all over Grandpa. Kaden starting getting a diaper rash on Saturday that started getting worse on Sunday. I feel bad for the little guy.

Can we get a weekend where no one is sick, please?

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