Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Kaden!

It’s hard to imagine that Kaden was born a year ago today. The time has gone by so fast and except for a few months he never really seemed like a baby.

First birthdays are exciting times, but also kind of tough because the individual celebrating doesn’t really get into all the hoopla. I guess that is supplemented by older siblings who get extremely excited for his birthday. Megan said last night that she wouldn’t be able to sleep because tomorrow is Kade’s birthday and Mattey and Megan both have been counting down to his birthday for the past week. One of the most exciting things is that Kade can now sit in his car seat facing forward; Kelly actually went out to the van last night and changed that around so he’ll get to take his first forward facing ride while taking Mattey to her field trip today.

Happy Birthday Little Man!