Monday, March 6, 2006

The Weekend Update

Friday night we watched Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed for Family Movie Night. Kelly had picked this movie up a while ago when it was cheap and we finally broke it open to watch. We had rented it a while ago and couldn’t remember if it was an appropriate movie to let the girls watch over and over again. Needless to say they watched it again on Saturday morning. They probably would have watched it again on Sunday after church if Megan hadn’t lost her TV privileges for the weekend after a little attitude episode on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning Kelly and I cleaned out our room while the girls watched the movie, well I cleaned up my dresser top and Kelly cleaned out a couple of drawers and a bench. We took the bench downstairs and it really opened up our bedroom. I also spent some time working on homework, thanks to a teacher who assigned homework and scheduled a test for the day we come back from spring break. I tried to spend a little time during the week working on it but I really wanted to enjoy spring break and completely forget about school. The girls and I attended the baptism for one of Megan’s friends. It gave me a chance to explain some of the things that were going on to Megan, since it will only be six more months until she gets baptized. Kelly made Chicken Parmesan for dinner.

We went to church, where I received a new calling (a chance to serve). I am going to be the Ward Facilities Representative. I will be going every first Saturday to make sure people know what needs to be cleaned, set up the projector for any special events, and also help to maintain the temperature on Sundays. We were going to try and go visit my Grandparents after church but I had a horrible headache and ended up lying down for a while. After dinner we played a couple of games of Uno (Kelly’s not allowed to play anymore) before putting the girls in bed.

We’re glad that Amanda is doing ok after being in a car accident yesterday. She said the road quickly became slippery and they spun out before the car ended up off the road on its side. What a blessing that she only suffered a few scrapes and a cut on her finger. Did you get any more sympathy hugs from the guys yet? :-)

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