Sunday, April 2, 2006

Kade is One!

I've posted pictures of Kade's birthday.  On his birthday he opened a few presents from us and then dove into his cake.  He didn't get as messy as I thought he would.  Maybe he doesn't like strawberry cake.  On Friday we went to Build-A-Bear so he could pick out a new friend.  It took him a while to pick something out.  He kept looking at everything else going on.  He finally picked the giraffe.  The girls got to pick out new clothes or accessories for their animal friends.  We struggled to name the giraffe and then left the store.  Kade hugged his friend all the way home.  How cute.  When we got home I thought of the perfect name, of course that didn't happen when we were at the computer filling out the birth certificate.  Oh well, the giraffe will be known as "Stretch".  Kind of fitting since we used to call Kade that many, many months ago.  I hope Kade's second year goes a little slower.  I'm sure it won't since he is always learning to do new things and getting into all kinds of trouble.  His latest tricks are putting things in the toilet, like Mattey's pajamas, and finding trash, left by his sisters, and wanting to put it in the trash.  Maybe I'll have one kid that likes to clean.  That would be nice.  Happy Birthday Kaden Andrew!

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Mickey Standiford said...

What a cute little man and boy does he love riding in his car seat facing forward. He just looks around at all the new scenery.