Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Weekend Update

I’ve missed a few weekend updates lately so I figured I better get back on the horse and give a quick update. Friday I took the day off of work since it was the last day of Spring Break for the girls. Originally we had planned to go to the zoo but the weather didn’t look like it was going to cooperate so Kelly took the kids on Wednesday and we decided to take the kids to see Curious George. What a mistake! Kaden is not very entertained by the big screen (or the little screen either), which is good unless you want to watch something. Needless to say he and I quickly left the girls alone in the theater while we wandered around Target wasting time. Later that night we sat down and actually had Family Movie Night and watched the Chronicles of Narnia.

Saturday morning Megan and I went to church to help clean the building. This was the second week we had done this and she is such a good helper. She enjoys certain jobs, even getting a little upset when someone else cleaned the kitchen. To reward her willingness to help, I took her to Crispy Crème for a donut.

Did I ever mention that I think Kohl’s is evil? They send out these great coupons with percentages off to get you to come into their store. Then when you get there they already have “huge” sale prices and you end up spending a fortune because you can’t pass up the great deals. Really you do get some great deals but be prepared when the cashier rings up the total, it might hurt. Anyway Saturday night was another clothes shopping spree for the girls. They got some really cute outfits. We also split up and conquered the grocery shopping. The girls and I went to Walmart and Target, while Kelly and Kaden shopped at Meijer. It worked out pretty well, thank goodness for cell phones.

Sunday we had church, where I really feel like my job is to monitor the hallways. Except for sacrament, I don’t think I ever get to sit and listen. Kaden is so into wandering around right now, he doesn’t like to sit still. We looked like a mess by the time we left because he bit his tongue and ended up getting blood spots on his, mine, and Kelly’s white shirt.

We finally had a birthday party for Kaden on Sunday afternoon. It was a simple last minute get together at Nana and Papa’s house, with cake and ice cream. Everyone enjoyed watching the kids play around and looking at Kelly’s great scrap booking skills. There were also quite a few compliments on the cake, not that surprising since I think my wife makes the best cakes.

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