Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weekend Update

Friday night we watched Chicken Little for FMN. I really enjoyed the show and the soundtrack was excellent. So excellent that I ended up buying it and downloading it on Saturday from the iTunes Music Store. I made both girls a CD and surprised them by having it in their CD players.

Saturday was a busy day. Kelly took the girls to a Primary activity in the morning. They both enjoyed that. While they were gone Kade and I went for a small bike ride, he seemed to enjoy it but his helmet was so big that every time I looked at him the helmet was covering his entire face so he couldn’t see a thing.

As soon as the girls got home we gobbled down some lunch and then Kelly dropped the girls and me off on Ivy Street and we walked over to Notre Dame Stadium for the Blue and Gold game. It was a gorgeous day with a few small rain drops here and there. I had plans of staying as long as possible figuring the girls would not make it through the whole game. We made one trip out for a snack a little bit before halftime trying to beat the crowds, which we didn’t, but other than that they were excellent. They got into cheering and they also entertained a few of the fans around us. Very early on in the game when someone got tackled Megan said, “He’s safe.” A lady sitting behind us got quite the kick out of that one. We actually stayed and watched the very last play, which happened to be the field goal that won the game for the blue team. After hurrying to get out of the stadium to beat the rush, since there was a record 41,000 people there, we stopped and looked at a booth selling ND clothing before heading for home. Our plan was to call Kelly to come back and pick us up but I asked the girls if they wanted to walk home and they excitedly said yes. Mattey got a lift for most of the way but Megan walked the whole thing. I think they were just about to break down when we got to our street and then that perked them up enough to get us home.

I grabbed another quick bite to eat and went over to help Justin with his remodeling project. I worked with him and Kelly’s Dad to redo some wiring and helped to get the room ready for drywall. Old houses sure have some interesting wiring, some of it down right scary.

Later that night I managed to stay awake for some of King Kong. Kelly and I started watching it around 9:15 and since it’s a 3+ hour movie it didn’t get done until quite late. That was just way too long of a movie. They really needed to cut some of that out.

Sunday, the kids and I went to church while Kelly was able to get a little more rest.

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