Thursday, May 4, 2006

Spring 2006 Semester - Finished

I just finished taking the final exam for my Introduction to Statistical Theory in Economics and Business class. At first I wasn’t too worried about the final because I had done so well throughout the semester that I didn’t “have” to have any of the points from the final to achieve the required C grade. As it got closer to the time to take the test I started feeling a little more pressure to try and exert myself a little more and shoot for something a little better than that. So then I calculated out that I needed a 39% on the final to get a B- in the class. Now after actually going and taking the test, I really hope I got at least a 57% on it so I can get a B. Calculations, didn’t I just get enough of that! Anyway now I have a whole week off before Summer Session I starts. Yippee!


Kelly Standiford said...

Good job, Sweetie. I'm proud of you for finishing school. Maybe next you could take a spelling or vocabulary class. :-) I don't think you "excerpted" yourself but "exerted" yourself. Love you!

Mickey Standiford said...

I have now officially exerted myself. Thanks!

BettyS said...

Congratulations on another semester done at school. I love your princess picture! You're really going the extra mile for your family and yourself. I'm proud of you!