Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Nice Lunchtime Experience

I just got back from an invigorating bicycle ride. I’ve been trying to spend the first thirty minutes of my lunch hour doing some sort of physical activity. Yesterday I jogged for a little over a mile and a half and then walked another mile. Today I brought my bike with me in the trunk of my car, and then locked it up until lunchtime. The weather was beautiful, sunny with a slight breeze. I started out by going down the East Race, which is just a short distance from where I work. At the end of the East Race I picked up the East Bank Trail. This trail took me over US 933 and right to Angela Boulevard. The crossing over Angela and the crossing at North Shore Drive was the only traffic I had to worry about. Behind Saint Joseph’s High School there is a dirt path that leads over to Holy Cross College. There was a road that went through the college which dead ended into a small dirt bike path. This path went right along an old railroad track and opened up to a larger dirt path that leads right to Saint Mary’s Inn. I looked at my trip meter and it was almost at three miles exactly. I rode the same path back to work and by the time I parked my bike it was almost exactly thirty minutes of riding and just over six miles. I felt great.


DadS said...

Great Job Mickey !
If you'd like to go farther, follow the road past St Mary's Inn to 933 and cross the Toll Road entrance. The take the next sidewalk going back towards the Toll Road and Townhouses. It will connect with the next part of the bike trail and take you to Clevealand Rd. That is how Amanda rides to work. I'm not sure when they'll have any more money to continue the trail north.

I'd better get busy and dust off my bike to join my kids riding to work.

Mickey Standiford said...

Cool, thanks for the tip. I'll look for it today on my ride.