Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

On Thursday the 25th I was invited by Justin to go to Chicago and watch a Cubs game with him and Bryan. I was pretty excited since I haven't been to a game in many years. We had a smooth drive in, only getting stuck in traffic for a short time before taking a little scenic detour down State Street. That makes you quickly appreciate the nice neighborhood we live in. I had put a travel plan together that included parking at our favorite, but expensive, downtown garage. After traveling up many floors to find the first available parking space, we parked and took the elevator to the ground floor. We decided to head towards Wrigley Field and find some lunch around there.

Home of the Chicago Cubs

The trip to Wrigley from downtown was so smooth. We took the Red Line, which is the train that you enter like a subway but then later in the route goes up to be an elevated train. What a cool way to travel, when you don't have to do it every day. The Addison train stop is right next to Wrigley Field, which added to the effortless travel. We found a small place to eat on Clark Street before going into the stadium to find our seats.

Game crew

The weather was absolutely perfect. A little overcast, with a strong breeze blowing out of the park (which would assist a few of the Cubs homeruns). Our seats were on the third base side and up in the first section of the upper deck. They provided a really good view and a nice breeze to help us stay cool.

The first four innings of the game were extremely exciting. The Phillies struck first scoring one run in the first, but the Cubs came right back with four in the bottom half of the inning. They would pile it on from there, scoring eleven runs by the fourth inning. It was a lot of fun.

We left after the seventh inning stretch to avoid some of the crowd. The train ride back in to downtown was a little busier but was still just as easy. We walked through a few shops on Michigan Avenue before going back to the car. The ride home was even better with us hitting no traffic at all. It was a fun outing.

Check out the photoset on Flickr.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Today I want to wish my wonderful, talented, loving, creative wife a Happy Birthday. I can't believe that today marks the 16th year that we have been together, especially since you are only 28. There are a lot of other things scheduled for today but I hope we can carve out enough time to make you feel appreciated on your special day.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Tooth Fairy Might Need a Loan

This sibling rivalry thing is getting out of hand fast. Megan not wanting to be outdone by her younger sister, "cracked" her tooth on the bus yesterday. She showed me that it was loose when I got home from work, but it didn't seem like it was ready to come out. I went outside to mow the yard and she came running outside with tooth in hand. She twisted it and pulled it out. Don't get a loose tooth around these girls or they will yank it out for you.

Another hole

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Font Repository

I came across this site today and thought that some of you crafty people might find it useful.  After clicking on a particular font you can enter your own text to get a preview of what that text would look like in that font.  Pretty cool feature.  Most fonts are free for personal use.  Try it out.

Download fonts |

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We Survived

Today was quite a day. The day started with Megan calling me at work to tell me that Little Bowser (one of her goldfish) had died. Just what we needed on the first day of 2nd grade. Kelly said she was pretty upset at first but she was pretty calm by the time I talked to her. She had the traditional first day of school pictures and then she was off on her bus. We met her 2nd grade teacher last night and she seemed very nice. Megan was excited because she knew who this teacher was and had visited her classroom last year.

All aboard

I took lunch a little early so I could see Mattey get on the bus on her first day of Kindergarten (it doesn't even seem possible). As soon as I walked in the door she said, "Look Dad!" She had a hole in her mouth where last night there was a tooth. It was loose but we didn't think it was that loose. While eating her Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich she said, "Ouch" and started to cry. Kelly looked and there was blood around her tooth. Mattey went into the bathroom to look and a few seconds later she came out with tooth in hand. She pulled it out. Unreal! As if the first day of Kindergarten isn't enough excitement.

This hole feels weird

Then came the next episode. We waited for her bus for 45 minutes after the scheduled pickup time. Buses normally run late on the first day with all the parents taking pictures of their little Kindergartners, but this was ridiculous. Finally I got a hold of transportation and they said that Mattey's bus had a mechanical failure and the driver had to switch buses. All this waiting to see Mattey get on the bus for the first time and finally Kelly just took her to school. Of course the bus arrived at school just as Kelly was leaving.

On the look out for the bus

Anyway I made it home to see Mattey and Megan get off the bus together. What an incredible site to see both of them getting off looking all big and cute. I think that was about all the excitement I could have handled in my fragile state. There are plenty of pictures in the Flickr photoset titled "1st Day of School - 2006".

Coming home together

10 Tips on Leading a Balanced Life

I think I could learn a lot from some of these tips, maybe you could too.
Balance is important. When one aspect of our life becomes too dominant we loose that balance and experience conflict and unhappiness. It’s not easy and sometimes it feels like a juggling match but if we develop some healthy habits it is possible to achieve balance in a relaxed and calm way.

Life is a Journal or Self Help and Personal Development for Lazy People.: 10 tips on leading a balanced life.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Street Artist "Installs" Fake People in City

This artist has created fake people and animals, placing them all over Washington DC and New York

Mark Jenkins: Street Installations

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still in Business

This is obviously not what you are used to seeing when you come to We have experienced a catastrophic server mishap with our past hosting provider (which I don't blame for any of this - sometimes things just happen with technology) and I am currently in the process of getting things setup with this new host. The website is going to change but how fast I can get to it is another thing.

Please take a moment to register as a new member. This new system will allow you to maintain your own user and password, unlike the old system. I promise I will work hard to get this one up and running (and looking nice).

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Are You a Happy Employee?

This article refers to a happy employee, but this quote from that article can relate to happiness in life as well.

I feel that God has given us the ultimate gift called Life. However, we only have this gift for a limited time. How long remains to be seen. He has left us with a choice to choose how we spend our time. This precious gift should not be squandered on doing things that don’t matter to us. Life is a collection of our experiences, thoughts and feelings. If our actions do not positively contribute to these things, are we not wasting our gift?

Dave Cheong | Engineer to Entrepreneur