Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still in Business

This is obviously not what you are used to seeing when you come to We have experienced a catastrophic server mishap with our past hosting provider (which I don't blame for any of this - sometimes things just happen with technology) and I am currently in the process of getting things setup with this new host. The website is going to change but how fast I can get to it is another thing.

Please take a moment to register as a new member. This new system will allow you to maintain your own user and password, unlike the old system. I promise I will work hard to get this one up and running (and looking nice).

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BettyS said...

Well, I tried my old password and name but they didn't work, I then got an e-mail with my new ones and they worked fine. It was a bit of a shock to see something different and not be able to get in to see and hear about some of my favorite people. Don't worry Mickey - you'll get to it when there is time for it. Love you! Mom