Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Office Space - Day 4

No new pictures to post today because I don't think you would notice any differences. I prepped the foundation blocks for water proofing today by cleaning the masonry with a wire brush attached to my drill (thanks Dad) and brushing on an acidic cleaner to help the paint stick to the blocks. The wire brush cleaning created such a mess, even though I had plastic up on all the openings, that Kelly had to run out and get an air purifier to help clean up the dust. She got a nice one that never needs the filters replaced you just need to wash one filter and vacuum another. It has been doing a wonderful job already.

I did get a chance to work and play with the kids today. Mattey helped me empty the dish washer and vacuum the living room. Kaden and I played with his new Little People Garage he got for Christmas. Megan and I played catch outside and flew her remote controlled UFO since it was so nice and sunny out. The girls also had a chance to play with Abbey and Emma, their 2nd cousins from Virgina.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring pictures with noticeable changes.

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