Friday, December 29, 2006

New Office Space - Day 5

Another day and another set of priorities gets in the way of remodeling. Today it was other home repairs that caused me to not get as much done as I had hoped. The water heater needed the Pressure Relief Valve replaced, luckily this turned out to be a seven dollar an 15 minute repair. I can handle those! Next it was the Condensation Pump on the furnace that was leaking, so I replaced that. That took a little longer and cost a little more but still not too bad.

So I started painting on the waterproofing and boy is that stuff thick. Imagine painting with Soft Serve Ice Cream but thicker. It also didn't go as far as I originally planned so it was off to Menards for the second time today to pick up another gallon. I've got about half of the smaller wall to go, but I'm just too tired to finish tonight.

Waterproofing the Room

We went out to dinner with my Parents, Sister, and Bridget at Cici Pizza. Only one more day until my Sister heads back to school. It's been fun seeing her. I know the kids have really enjoyed spending some time with her.

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