Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Office Space

Kelly and I are past being frustrated with coming downstairs only to find someone little has been in or on one of our desk (mostly Kelly's). We have decided to trade spaces with the kids. We will be remodeling the old toy room/food storage area and turning it into OUR office space/exercise area with locking door to keep small ones away from things that are not theirs.

We started the process by cleaning out the furnace room to accommodate all the extra stuff that would be stored in there. Then we consolidated what feels like the entire basement into one room, which is a little too much stuff for one of us to handle. This will have to do until we can finish the new room.

Basement Remodel Before - 1 Basement Remodel Before - 2 Basement Remodel Before - 3

Then it was DEMO time. The first day I tore down most of the paneling.

End of Day 1 - 1 End of Day 1 - 2

The second day I took the rest of the stuff down, took up the carpet, and even disposed of it all with the help of my Dad and one of the local dumps. The girls came along for the ride and couldn't get over all the "ravens" flying around the trash.

End of Day 2 - 1 End of Day 2 - 2

The third day was more of a planning day. We made some preliminary plans for the layout and some rough estimates as to supply needs. My Sister came over and watched the kids while we went over to Menards and picked a few things to get started with. I came back and patched a hole in the main furnace run that the previous owner had ripped open to provide heat to the old toy room. It was a mess. Hopefully now the Living Room and Kitchen will get some more heat. I'll have to figure out a new way to get heat/ac into the new office but there has to be a better way.

End of Day 3

I will try my hardest to post updates as the process continues. Feel free to stop by and help any time you want. :-)

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