Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Office Space - Day 10

I finally had to go back to work today so the updates may not include as much work as before. I put up a few support 2x4's in the ceiling joists then tried to figure out what is connected to what in our electrical breaker box. I went through each breaker and made a list of of everything that is connected to it. The electrician who does all the work for Press Ganey, Vin, came over and checked out our breaker box to make sure it could handle the added electrical outlets and lighting in the new room. He suggested adding a sub panel to accommodate for the small panel that we currently have. He gave me his suggested brand and size and said he would come back to help hook it all up. It's nice to know people like that who are willing to help.

Now I'm sitting here watching the Sugar Bowl and Notre Dame just scored to tie the score at 14. Hopefully they can pull off the upset! Shoot I didn't even finish this post and LSU scored to take the lead again.

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