Monday, January 8, 2007

New Office Space - Day 15

Another good day of construction. The first thing I did was look at cutting down a pipe that was hanging in the laundry room, came through the wall into the new office space, then exited out through the foundation into the garage. Both ends of the pipe were just hanging not connected to anything. While twisting the pipe to get it ready for cutting it started to move back and forth in the foundation so instead of cutting the pipe shorter and capping the ends I decided to removed the pipe and patch the foundation. This was a good choice and made for a much cleaner look.

A Patch Job

I also got most of the framing done on the last wall. I have just a little bit of work to do under the window and then I need to secure the wall in place.

Last Wall Almost Framed

Kade always wants to be in the room helping but today he has really been wanting to help hammer. He finally got his chance late in the day and he was very happy.

Hammer Time

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Kelly Standiford said...

I'm glad you explained the cement picture. I knew what you did but I couldn't tell what the picture was supposed to be. Good job on the work, Sweetie.