Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Office Space - Day 20

This was one of those days where most things seemed to go right. I got started around 8:00 working on re-routing some drain lines to the sump pump. I was almost finished with the framing (which didn't get finished as I had hoped yesterday) when my Dad got there around 10:00. I finished adding some extra support studs while my Dad hung the electrical boxes. We ran all the wiring for the electrical boxes, the Ethernet cable for the network, and the coaxial cable for the satellite.

After wiring we installed insulation on all the walls that we could, there is a little problem with the wall facing the laundry room because there is no wall covering on the laundry room side and you shouldn't install insulation and leave it uncovered. There ended up being more problems with that room later in the day, it looks like we may need to take down all the shelving in the laundry room so that we can re-stud the wall so that drywall can be attached correctly (oh boy).

Insulated and Wired

With the insulation and wiring being completed on a large part of the room the next step was drywall. After lunch, I asked my Dad if he had time to go and help me get some and bring it downstairs because obviously this is not something I could do by myself. We went to Menard's and picked up eight sheets of drywall and hauled then down to the basement. My Dad took off his coat and said he had a few more minutes so we decided to hang a couple of pieces. We hung the first three pieces on the longest wall and then I hung the last piece after he left with a little help from Megan. It looks great.

One Wall With Drywall

Here are a couple of pictures of Kade from Day 18 (I think). He is so into helping. We couldn't decide which of these pictures we liked the best so we put all three up.

Nice Glasses - Take III Nice Glasses - Take II Nice Glasses - Take I

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