Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Office Space - Day 25

Another day, another helping hand from Dad. Dad came over and we went and picked up eleven more sheets of drywall along with some other things from Menard's. We came back and hung a couple of small pieces before I realized that I was out of drywall screws. I thought for sure I had another box out in the garage. Another trip to Menard's. I should have bought their stock before I started this project.

Dad had to get going to try and get his glasses fixed, the ones that I stepped on and broke the frames last Saturday. Sorry Dad! Then he was going with Mom and the rest of the Sisters to have dinner with my Grandparents who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary today. That is cool!

I hung a few more sheets of drywall and the closet is almost completely covered with drywall. Only a few more tiny pieces to go and then the ceiling.

Closing in the

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Kelly said...

I bet you're glad the little people won't be walking through the closet anymore. I hope Kade doesn't go in the furnace room anymore. I don't want another cold shower. (He turned the dial on the water heater all the way down and there wasn't enough hot water for my shower. Brr!) Good job, Sweetie.