Monday, January 22, 2007

New Office Space - Day 29

Long time no update, sorry about that!  I have been doing some work but I have been bad about posting my updates.  Actually the work has seemed kind of slow as well.  I finally got the existing network, phone, and satellite wiring reworked and put into it's new place so that I could drywall the wall between the laundry room and the new office.

Wiring Center 

I also put up a few pieces of drywall on that wall separating the two rooms and ran a few electrical cables so that I can put up the last piece of drywall on that wall, hopefully tomorrow.  I'm currently in training for work so I may be getting home later in the day but I also may get home early like today so we'll see.

Walls Almost Completely Drywalled 

Here's another picture of Kaden helping out.  He's going to be a pro at this by age two!

I Know How This Stuff Works 

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