Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Office Space - Day 9

I almost hate titling this post anything to do with the new office space. I did clean up some of the mess left from yesterday's long day of work and I pulled down some spacer boards that were on the ceiling that will not be needed any more but that is all the I work I did on the room today.

Since today was the last day of my vacation and one of the last days for the girls vacation I wanted to find something fun and different that we could do. We decided to go on a tour of the South Bend Chocolate Factory. They have free tours that start at the top of every hour from 9 until 4 and they also have a small fee tour that allows you to dip your own chocolate spoon and visit the chocolate museum. It was pretty neat to see and the kids really enjoyed the samples.

Check out the photos at Flickr.

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