Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Office Space - Day 47

Another long lapse in posting and I apologize. Some of it was due to a few days of not much change but most of it was just me lacking to find the time to make the post. I had a really busy and long week of work last week which translates to little time and even smaller amounts of desire to use my computer at home.

Thursday (Day 45) Kelly put the third coat of paint on the walls. The colors turned out great together. We choose to paint two of the walls one color (blueberry muffin - not really but I've called it that a few times) and the other two tan.

Painted Walls

Since the paint was finished I was able to start installing the track for the ceiling tile. I did a little bit of this on Thursday night after work.

Friday (Day 46) I installed the rest of the track for the ceiling tile and stayed up late hanging the recessed lights. We decided to put three rows of three lights up. This should be one lit up work space.

The Ceiling Tile Grid

Today I wired up all of the lights, cut and hung all the ceiling tiles that I had (I am short two and a quarter tiles - which I tried to get a Lowe's at 9:50pm but they didn't have the right ones), installed the trim on the lights, and put light bulbs in. I stopped work just a few minutes before midnight and looked at a room that is very close to being usable.

Walls Painted and Almost All Ceiling Installed The Ceiling

If I could just get the electrician from work to show up and GIVE ME SOME POWER we would be all set. Does anybody know someone qualified and available to install an electrical sub-panel?

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Kelly said...

The names of the paint are June Iris and Homespun. I love the colors but I liked them better when they were wet. They were darker and richer. Oh well. The colors are from the Martha Stewart collection. We have a third color for the trim, called Vellum. It's a light cream. It was so much more fun to paint colors instead of the boring white primer. Our room is getting painted next, as soon as the office is done. We've had an ugly color for too long, it's time for a change and that red wall has to go! Good job, Sweetie. We're almost there.