Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Office Space - Day 62

Well I knew it had been a while but I really didn't think two full weeks had gone by since I last updated everyone on the office space. There has been a lot of activity since the last post.

First and foremost I called around and found an electrician who could come out (the same day I called) and get the power flowing into the new office space. They installed the new sub panel and then I hooked up the dimmer switch and said, "Let there be light." The room is nicely lit and my fear of needing sunglasses to be in the room did NOT come true. After installing all the outlets the room was wired and almost ready for use.

Next came a little twist that ended up causing a little delay. We decided that we should install some new flooring. It took us a while but Kelly finally found a really nice carpet remnant that added the perfect touch to the room. Kelly painted the baseboard while I installed the carpet and that's when the room really started to look and feel usable.

Installing the CarpetColors of the Room

The shelving in the closet took a little bit of work and a lot of frustration to install but they are going to provide a lot of nice storage for our food storage. The kids thought they made good beds.

Closet Shelves or Bunk Beds?

On Saturday my Dad came over and helped install the closet doors and Kelly and I made a list of the things that we have left to do. Trim, the window, and some door knobs are about all that is left.

Closet Doors

We are enjoying our new space already and I think it is going to provide us a nice place to work and exercise.

The New Office in Use

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