Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kade is 2!?

Really he's two already? The time sure flies with the third kid. I feel like I was just pregnant with him a few months ago and couldn't wait to get him out. Then it seems like a few weeks ago he was born. I remember it so well, as well as I could while having a sleeping pill in my system. Anyway, Kade turned two on Thursday. We would practice with him before to try to get him to say that he was two but he didn't want to. Of course he probably had no idea why we were doing this and he doesn't understand about birthdays yet. He now agrees that he had a birthday and says he's two when asked. Real cute. We celebrated with him on Thursday by going to the Wakarusa dime store where they sell jumbo jelly beans. (If Mickey did this post he would have a link for you to click on but I have no idea how to do that. He would also post pictures but I don't know how to do that either.) It wasn't nearly as exciting as I thought it would be but it gave us something to do. Before we left Kade tore into his presents from us. He got a bubble blowing lawn mower. He seems to like it because if the girls touch it he has a fit. Also a refill of bubbles and a Cars night light shaped as a traffic light. It's a little annoying because it flashes in random order and makes noise when the lights change. It may go back. He also got a couple of summer outfits but they didn't get wrapped since he helped me pick them out. When Kade opened his presents and also when picking out candy he would say "Woo hoo, mine." That's a two year old for you. He's been acting two for a few months now and the BOY inside of him has come out. He is always throwing things, hitting people, and being rough, leaving a room looking like a tornado blew threw, and now he's started screaming. Oh the joys of a two year old boy. We are having a little family party for him this evening. He's looking forward to his cake. He's been asking for some since the first part came out of the oven.

Happy Birthday, Kade!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Video games conquer another world: Retirees

I had to laugh out loud at some of the things in this article. Whenever I play a game now I will just say I am keeping my mind sharp.  Click on the link below to read the full article.

Older Americans looking for recreational alternatives increasingly turn to video games that rely on quick thinking.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

In Like a Lamb or Lion

I don't know about everyone but March totally came in like a lion at our house. We have all been sick. I know that stuff is going around and lots of people have been sick but someone in our house has been sick for almost 2 months! Last month Kade had an ear infection and once he got over that he had some goopy stuff coming out of his eyes along with having a cold. He finally got over that and then we've all had colds or sinus problems or worse. Kade had a double ear infection but the first round of antibiotics didn't take care of it so he's on another round. Hopefully this will clear it up, he is so clingy. The bad thing is he doesn't tell us his ears hurt. We have to wait for the 103 degree fever to tell us it's more than a cold. Mattey had a bad cough for a few days and that kind of went away but a high fever showed up. After three days of this I took her to the doctor, I wanted to make sure it wasn't a virus. She had bronchitis. After antibiotics and a lot of vegging and napping on the couch she is finally on the mend and back to school. Megan had a fever last weekend. She was sick enough that she actually took a nap both days. It was funny, she would wake up after her nap and ask if it was the same day. She hasn't napped since she was 2 or 3. She is sick again with a fever. Who knows what it is. I've been fighting with my sinuses for 3 weeks now. I think I'm getting better but it keeps coming back. I think I've finally got a real sinus infection and I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow. Mickey has been the healthiest of us all although he's battled a cold and being tired.

We haven't taken pictures of this glorious month of illnesses. I don't think anyone would want to see goop flowing out of Kade's eyes or the chapped bags under his eyes. Mattey wouldn't want any one to see her after a coughing fit which makes her eyes tear up. I'm sure Megan wouldn't want it documented that she took two naps.

I hope that we all get better soon so the month can go out like a lamb along with nice weather.

Monday, March 12, 2007

March Madness

I found this cool site that allows you to fill out a bracket online and share it with friends. The bracket is really slick, all you have to do is click on the winner and it populates the next round for you. It took me all of a couple of minutes to fill it out. Let's see how well I do. I picked Kansas to win it all over Ohio State.